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Who is J-Era?

J-Era aka Joshua Rivera Lynch, is a Christian artist who has overcome homelessness, years of drug addiction, and mental health issues through the power of Jesus. Today he lives his life trying to bring as much glory to God as possible. His goal is to inspire believers and unbelievers alike by encouraging them to look to Jesus. He went from a suicidal and drug addicted criminal, to a set free and redeemed minister of the gospel. Whether it's through his years of drug dealing and drug use, going in and out of jails and institutions, or through his six plus years sober, heavily involved in ministry, he uses his overall experience to reach people and point them to Jesus Christ. Music is merely a tool for him to tell his testimony and inspire others.  He has had the privilege to help develop hundreds of youth not only in the church, but in high schools as well. Being a part of countless different ministries over the years, his style of evangelistic worship and teaching has touched the hearts of people of all ages. He hopes his love for music and preaching the Word will open more doors for him to point the world to Christ. Josh is happily married and has two awesome dogs, residing in Oklahoma, where he is currently attending Bible College.

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